Suddenly, it all went dark…

The hoarding facing the A30 has now been covered with sheeting (and about a million staples to hold the sheeting in place!)


13 thoughts on “Suddenly, it all went dark…

  1. The longer-term plan, making Camberley a top 100 destination, involves covering the High Street and Mall (Main Square/Shopping Centre/whatever it’s called now) in similar layers of black plastic to disguise the crumbling infrastructure while at the same time keeping people warm. The scheme will be marketed under the slogans “Camberley’s hot” and “Get wrapped up in Camberley”. When the scheme fails, they will leave what will by then have been cunningly transformed into a black bin bag out for collection (non-recycling waste).

  2. Why not take the hoarding down completely. It is an eye sore. I am sure the old buildings behind look better than this and the last effort.

      • We know what used to be behind the hoarding – fairly simple ‘cottages’. But they were used as workshops by Allders, and no doubt they’ve not improved in recent years, so they might be a bit of an eyesore themselves…

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