The council can’t afford to do everything

Regretably, the more the council spends on clearing chewing gum from our streets, the less it has to spend on other services.


What a waste.


11 thoughts on “The council can’t afford to do everything

  1. Recently its been these kids running around on a weekend with spray cans of string causing havoc to pedestrians, cars and shop windows along with the pavements.

  2. But the biggest culprits by far are smokers who not only think it’s OK to blow their smoke around regardless of the impact on others but they also throw their butts on the ground ,who do they think picks the butts ,I’ll tell them – council workers who could be doing better things!

  3. Let’s hope the council is not wasting it’s time removing lichen Lecanora muralis which looks like chewing gum and is very common on pavements.

  4. I recall seeing that machine in the accounts a couple of years back ….. unbelievable price in the 000’s !

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