Blame Doris!

A few days ago, we showed a photo of the hoarding on the London Road frontage with sections missing from the long graphic mounted on it.


Well, even that’s just a memory now.


As you can see in our second photo, the whole graphic (is the correct terminology a ‘vinyl’?) has been removed.  According to the Mall, it was storm Doris a week or so ago that started the damage.



10 thoughts on “Blame Doris!

    • Probably not. But I’ve had a couple of aggressive responses from young-ish females when I pointed out to them they were in the permit-only section, so I’m now less likely to warn people. Especially young-ish females.

  1. It’s a real eyesore – I got excited that perhaps it was preparation for real buildings were going to appear – let’s monitor how long it stays like that!!!

    • No,but it’s official Pembroke House & Ashwood House are going to be developed into affordable flats read Get Surrey something is happening but how parking & all the other infrastructure issues will be managed is anyone’s guess

      • Nevermind Get Surrey! It was mentioned in the Eye about a week ago. There’s probably enough parking in the building already – level 3A of Main Square car park. But that’ll reduce the number of spaces available to the public. Infrastructure? We’ll just keep creating more housing, and let the roads, schools, GPs et al look after themselves. Somehow.

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