Transport consultation

The county council publicised its Camberley transport consultation yesterday.  Half a dozen ‘posters’ were on display in the Mall, and council staff were on hand to answer questions and seek shoppers’ views.  The consultation is also available on-line: you can go to it direct at or you can read more information first at

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The Eye has yet to complete the survey, but we did say at the event yesterday that asking residents about cycling in the town centre was rather missing the point, particularly for the many residents who live south of Camberley.  Roads to/from the town are sometimes quite hilly and narrow, with busy traffic.  Cycling on them is hazardous and hard work.  Getting around the town itself is relatively easy;  just lock the cycle somewhere and walk!

Do complete the survey.  Travel around Camberley isn’t without its problems, and this is an opportunity to highlight them…


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