Sugar Dumplin, we’re a little bit late with the news

It’s been mentioned elsewhere already that Sugar Dumplin – the rum bar on the first floor of the Atrium – appears to have closed at short notice.  Apparently its last day of normal trading was on Saturday.


For some reason, restaurants in that location find it hard to do well, even though (or perhaps because?) it’s on the way to the cinema.  But it’s not difficult to find negative comments about the Dumplin’s food and service, although other people have clearly loved the place.



9 thoughts on “Sugar Dumplin, we’re a little bit late with the news

  1. I feel sure this is all about footfall. Note that no established eating chain saw any merit in either of those sites. Passing traffic on its way to the cinema is irrelevant, and I struggle to think of any chain with a strong enough reputation to get folk up that escalator.

  2. Shame. We enjoyed some cocktails there and it had a nice atmosphere. We should have gone back more often as it was nice to find somewhere a bit different to the run of the mill.

  3. I came and eat at this place before after watching a film at the Vue Cinema close by. The food was good together with the drinks provided and the layout was fantastic when I first saw it. Although it did not go well with my parents when they have food here for the first time with me. A pity it had to be closed down with little or no warning but it was fun whilst it lasted nevertheless.

  4. I was engaged by this company to make a series of images for their social media. The images were used extensively across numerous social media platforms, on their website, in printed publications and across the internet. Their marketing manager was more interested in eating the food samples I was trying to photograph, while the director managed to simply not turn up to appointments he had made with with me. Despite the widespread use of my copyright images and numerous reminders to settle the account, the company refused to pay for the work and ceased all communication. If this is their ethic with suppliers, it is little surprise that this business closed.

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