Oh dear, we might have to update our header photo…

For a couple of years, our header photo has remained unchanged.  It shows part of the hoarding along the London Road frontage, of course.  But the hoarding seems to have suffered in bad weather recently;  Community, History, and Character have taken a turn for the worse.  Celebrate has virtually disappeared.

Here are ‘before’ and after ‘photos’.  (The ‘before’ photo didn’t fully include Community;  the Eye needs a better camera.)



So, a question.  What might make a suitable new header photo for the Eye?  Bear in mind that the picture has to be wide, but not very high.


4 thoughts on “Oh dear, we might have to update our header photo…

  1. Re: new header photo for the Eye:
    How about the timeline of the A30 frontage redevelopment ?
    That’s very long and and very thin !

  2. A wheelie bin, lying prostrate at the top of the high street, lid open, with the hopes of Camberley residents lying discarded on the ground and blowing all over the place. Perhaps the background could include a gentleman reading a copy of the Times with his back turned on Surrey Heath.

    • An interesting thought – but my artwork isn’t up to the challenge. An aside: at the recent ice rink meeting, someone in the audience said something to the effect that ‘at least we’re not as bad as Farnborough’. Hmm, that could be complacency. Farnborough’s booming as far as business and the college are concerned; that may well be reflected in the town centre there before too long….

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