Ashwood House takes a step forward

The borough council has announced the name of its chosen developer of Ashwood House (and Pembroke House on the Frimley Road).  You can read all about it here:


As our regular readers will know, the council said that a planning application would be submitted before the end of last year.  And it wasn’t.  We were always puzzled by the proposed sequence of events – submission of a planning application followed by the appointment of a developer.  Our understanding was that the developer would be expected to bear all the development risk (Quote: “The Council will not be seeking to participate in development risk.”), in which case, we would expect the developer to have a considerable say in the planning application before it was finalised.

You can see how the development opportunity was promoted last summer here:  Now all we residents have to do is to wait and watch – and wonder about the loss of parking spaces on Level 3A of the building.  One day, the council will probably build a new car park on the London Road Block – but almost certainly not before Ashwood House parking is closed to the public.



2 thoughts on “Ashwood House takes a step forward

  1. What horrible plans for the site in the town centre… their only benefit would be the town centre location and a parking place in level 3A. What a horrible place to live?
    Regarding the development of Pembroke House in Frimley Road… I assume this will go through without objection amid limited publicity. The proposed flats implementation is very similar to the proposals that TESCO express made 5+ years ago. The people objected strongly. Now some similar proposals with retail unit space will be slid through probably without objection and with minimal fuss.
    I dont see what all the fuss was about a few years ago…. every single person or business involved with objecting to the TESCO development sold up or moved away very shortly after the final decision was taken.
    Now you will just get what you are given. I would have preferred TESCO express as with the exception of a couple, the shops along the parade are utter rubbish or would be affected in no way by a TESCOs.
    I wonder how much the local council is making out of the deal and who the land ownership of both sides will rest after both projects are complete?
    In any case it has been a long protracted shambles to find a less than ideal solution. SHBC talk big but act slowly and ineffectively.

    • Of course, the council is INTENDING to make money out of the deal; that’s the whole purpose. But I do wonder whether those living in the building once it’s redeveloped will have to cope with the queues to get into the car park on a Saturday afternoon.

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