Restaurant and takeaway out. Takeaway and restaurant in!

A planning application has been submitted for a change of use of the former KFC premises in the High Street.  When KFC was the occupier, the approved use was ‘restaurant and takeaway’.


The proposed use is ‘takeaway and restaurant’.  It seems to be a bit of a case of ‘spot the difference’, but presumably the applicant wants to put more emphasis on a takeaway business, and less on being a restaurant.    We’ve nothing against takeaways – we’ve been known to use them ourselves.  But it would be comforting to see a more up-market retailer moving into the road.


4 thoughts on “Restaurant and takeaway out. Takeaway and restaurant in!

  1. How does whoever present the potential of Camberley to potential retail suitors because it sure ain’ working….in fac t it seems to be chasing them away.

    Farnborough seems to have no trouble attracting major major retail whilst Camberley just becomes a takeaway capital….rather sad and unnecessary judging by the amount of flab on the streets

    • It’s all very odd. The borough council is proposing to ban the use of ‘legal highs’ in open spaces, but there’s no suggestion of a ban on eating take-aways. Yet obesity is almost certainly a vastly bigger problem…

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