Car park – stationary progress

The station car park has been out of use for some months whilst work has been underway to extend the platforms.  But the car park should have been back to normal by now.  It isn’t!



7 thoughts on “Car park – stationary progress

  1. Have you seen the length of the platform extension on the down platform? It’s about the length of one carriage, which means it’s utterly pointless if the intention was to avoid parking longer trains across the road/blocking the level crossing, which in turn raises the question about whether they really want to run longer trains from Ascot towards Aldershot, or whether it’s a box-ticking exercise of some sort. The extension on the up platform is slightly longer, but still nowhere near being able to accommodate a full train…

  2. The extended platforms are to allow a 5 car train to be “platformed” – doors in use. 5 cars would become the standard unit eventually. With 10 cars for the (possible) continued direct peak hour trains which would need the rear 5 cars not platformed.

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