What are the parking regulations for utility companies?

Some fairly major electricity work was carried out in the town during January.  This meant that company vans were parked in the High Street for a considerable time.  Are they ‘immune’ to parking regulations? – we really don’t know the position.


But, you won’t be surprised to learn that quite a few of the original paving blocks have ‘gone missing’.  They’ve been replaced by patches of tarmac.  That’s because the county council isn’t strict enough on contractors.  It also makes a mockery of the borough council’s plan to harmonise the appearance of the ‘public realm’.


3 thoughts on “What are the parking regulations for utility companies?

    • I suppose in this case, Shirley, it’s as much the county council’s responsibility as the borough’s. SCC, of course, is ‘in charge’ of roads and pavements. But until the council gets tough with a utility company or two, tarmac patches will intrude on SHBC’s dreams.

  1. There have been signs on Park Road for weeks warning us that work will soon take place on January 17th and will last for three days.
    Did they ever happen?

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