Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye..

We don’t often make biblical references, but the title of this item* sums up what we want to say…

In a recent webcast, the council Leader said that the Mall – newly acquired by the borough council from a commercial company – had become a little tired, (we can’t remember the exact wording, but we’ve captured the sentiment here).  As a result, the next few years would be spent in improving the premises.  To which, the deputy Leader added that the Mall had to be of high quality in order to attract up-market retailers (again, this is our wording).

p1070994b p1080022b

But these statements brought to mind the defunct lift in the Main Square car park – a building that the council has owned for many years.  There’s no notice on the top floor telling strangers that the lift has been decomissioned – there was one, but it ‘disappeared’.  Fortunately, the ripped-out call-buttons probably make the position clear.  What’s more, the Eye regularly despairs over the deplorable state of the car park stairs.  And the pay machine that won’t accept credit cards STILL hadn’t been repaired when we looked a few days ago.  Up-market retailers wouldn’t be impressed, and the council can only point the finger of blame at itself.


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