Development on the A30 frontage at last

Sadly, though the title of this item is correct, it doesn’t imply that any major building work is about to start.  Rather, we’re simply adding to the information that we published in December –  the fact that a new business called ‘The Cabin’ will be moving into premises that have been empty for perhaps a couple of years.


According to a new planning application, the business will be “a bar, also serving light food, not a restaurant”.  The intention is to enclose the open ground floor area, and use it as a store room.

Of course, if the whole London Road Block were about to be redeveloped, it would be odd to be modifying one of the buildings now.  But the LRB is going to stay much as it is for years.  According to the Leader of the borough council recently, an outline planning application for the LRB could be submitted by the end of 2017.  It’s almost inevitable that this timescale will slip (we remember the ‘official’ statement that an application for the LRB would probably be submitted during 2014), so a detailed application – let alone the bulldozers – is probably far away.


3 thoughts on “Development on the A30 frontage at last

  1. The A30 frontage is the perfect signature for plans no ideas no change… ..just .forget about it and file in the “too difficult” tray.

    Camberley gets cheap pound and plastic shops and an endless run of fastfood takeaways….Farnborough gets Decathlon.

    You ll need to take your Eye further afield because trudging around Camberley must require regular Prozac supplements.

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