We just sigh

British Rail was privatised in 1997.  Yet the sign in Princess Way that points to the train station still uses the old name.  We believe that the borough council has an initiative which – one day – might improve signage around the town.  But is a twenty-year delay acceptable?



10 thoughts on “We just sigh

  1. The way things are going with Southern it might come back into fashion soon. Seriously though, with the proposed 15% hike because of cuts, is changing a sign really that important when we all kind of know what it means!

    • In financial terms, an old sign is unimportant, obviously. But the council wants to attract upmarket shoppers, who won’t be impressed by neglect. The same thing can be said about street cleaning; the streets will work just as well if there’s lots of litter, but it would reflect badly on the town. Happily, the council does a good job of keeping the town’s street clean.

    • Indeed, yes. A legitimate policy would be to eg freeze the town as it was in Victorian times. That would give it character – and it could be quite appealing. But in the absence of a policy, falling to update signs on a random basis is neglect.

  2. Feel quite nostalgic – we should get the sign listed. We might one day be the “old historic town of Camberley”. and attract tourists.

  3. Historic Camberley – Town trapped in time:

    Visit and trip along the 1930’s High Street
    Why not explore the many Service yards
    Night time experience . Cumulative Chaos
    New technology. Concrete Building display
    The Calm. Slowest train service in England

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