Mixed messages from the council

For years, we’ve criticised the borough council for its failure to communicate effectively.  We’re not going to withdraw those criticisms just yet – but we do think the council’s efforts to break down barriers by holding on-line ‘workshops’ should be applauded.  This includes the recent widely-publicised recorded video interview with the Council Leader.


If you haven’t seen or heard it, much of the interview was about the recent property acquisitions made by the council in and around Camberley.  It was said that the council has to raise additional income, so it is investing in the town.  That’s fine.  However, we do accuse the council of giving mixed messages.  In particular, the council announcement when it purchased the Mall and other property owned by Capital and Regional was: “Surrey Heath Borough Council is set to invest over £110m to drive the regeneration of Camberley Town Centre.”  Why the undue emphasis on ‘regeneration’?  Was this ‘spin’ to cover up years without any real regeneration progress?

The final couple of minutes of the interview did move on to regeneration. However, it was more than slightly disappointing to hear the Leader say: “When we come to think about how we will redevelop that (the London Road Block)…”.  As redeveloping the LRB has been a top priority for the council for years, SURELY the council is past the thinking stage?


4 thoughts on “Mixed messages from the council

  1. The interesting thing to note in your photo is the Planning Awards certificate in the background, is it really 9 years since the council did anything noteworthy!

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