Screwed up Eye

OK, we admit it, we’re human!  We’re still in the throes of record-breaking man-flu, so during the weekend we guessed that we wouldn’t be wandering around Camberley for a while.  So yesterday we prepared a blog item for use today – which in our enfeebled state we published immediately!  Which leaves us with nothing to say today.  (Actually, we’ve pretty much lost our voice, so we can’t say very much anyway….)


Above – before.  Below – after


However, we’ve formed the impression in recent weeks that not much IS happening in Camberley.  At least, little that’s being publicised.  Sometimes we wander around and never take a camera out of our pocket.  There have been no major planning applications either.  Indeed, the most exciting application lately has been for a change in signage over the Co-op in Upper College Ride.  So that’s what we’re featuring today.  Remember, you read it here first!

We wait for normality to return…




4 thoughts on “Screwed up Eye

  1. Well spotted – if you did – that the two photos have a lot in common. That’s because they’re from a planning application – so the ‘after’ picture is a mock-up based on the real life photo….

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