It makes you feel proud….

Two of the photos in this item are of stairs in Camberley’s main car park.  The third photo is of stairs in a town centre car park in Redditch.  Camberley is in a wealthy area, of course.  Redditch is not.  So it’s obvious which car park is in which town, isn’t it?



 The council put in writing that it would be carrying out some repainting and repairs to the stairs during last July/August.  At least, we THINK it was last July/August;  the year in question wasn’t actually defined….


2 thoughts on “It makes you feel proud….

  1. An old lady slipped on those stairs last week. Your photo clearly implies how it happened and why.

    Maybe 1million would be better spent here than 1million on a referendum that we know the council won’t win…

    • The referendum is a county council master, the stairs are the property of our local borough council. But in all other respects, you’re right; the council needs to do what it’s paid to do.

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