Pavement artists have arrived in Camberley!

Pretty ‘scribbles’ have appeared on the pavement in lots of places in the High Street!  We assume that work is being carried out on underground cabling.p1070945b



4 thoughts on “Pavement artists have arrived in Camberley!

  1. I asked one of the workmen what was going on and he seemed a bit vague – ‘we’re marking what’s underneath’. Seems a good idea, after all the trouble near Frimley Park when they dug to widen the road and found all sorts of cables and pipes. I believe that in the past there was no need to record what services had been laid where.

    • That’s a bit like the surveyors that appear around the town from time to time. When I ask them why they’re surveying, they general say ‘No idea!’ (I wonder if we’re any better at recording ‘what’s where’ than we used to be. I suspect not.)

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