New A30 car park

We walked to the top of Knoll Road the other day, and headed just a few yards towards Bagshot.  We don’t often stroll in that direction, so we were surprised to see rows of parked cars on both sides of the A30.  What was it all about?  There’s still work in progress on the Martins showroom site, but was that the cause?



16 thoughts on “New A30 car park

  1. You are correct, the parking on the A30 started when the contractors arrived to work on Martin’s new showroom. However it wasn’t long before other drivers spotted the opportunity for free parking and now the number of cars on both sides of the road are growing. How long before the council spot the loss of car parking revenue and impose a Clearway on the road? Much quicker, I’ll wager, than the time it takes to improve the A30 service road and frontage.

    • I’m not convinced, Alan. I sometimes wonder whether the council’s ‘top brass’ ever looks out of the windows of its bullet-proof cars as its cavalcade leaves the Knoll Road fortress, and takes a real interest in what’s happening.

  2. I’ve been aware of this situation developing over the past few months. Yesterday I saw a family park there with a buggy and small child. There are no yellow lines in that part of the A30. I’m wondering if it is a police matter as they are all parked partially on the pavement. I’ve emailed my councillor about this matter and am awaiting a reply !

    • Jill, you should see the school run for Ravenscote…I do 2 weekly pick ups(Granny Run) and all the cars(mainly Chelsea Tractors) are parked mainly on the pavement, near the lollipop person,so I walk through all of the slippery leaves(from last year also) praying that I will not slip over. Apparently, because there are no yellow lines it is perfectly legal, but a wheel chair would not get through .Look forward to the Councillors’ comments.

      • I’ve also noticed this the last few weeks – hope the councillors’ reply gets posted here.

      • I don’t know if we’ll get any councillor comment here, Denise, but your near-namesake county councillor tweeted “@Camberley_Eye THis is dangerous and will soon be stopped.”

      • I don’t think the absence of yellow lines makes it legal, Shirley. There are no yellow lines along the M25, but I don’t think it’s legal to park in the ‘fast’ lane!! The police can take action if someone causes obstruction.

      • oh, and I know the Ravenscote chaos, Shirley I’ve been stuck there trying to get through for so long that I’ve simply switched the engine off and the radio on!

  3. I think motorways and dual carriageways and roads in London are the exception to the rule David…its just local roads..from my research……but maybe a local Councillor will look at this post and let us know the complete scenario….they are paid about £12,000 a year plus expenses…but do we see any feedback on this site???

    • I think not, Shirley. I’ve just done a quick Google and found (strictly the following comes from a Scottish document, but I imagine a bit more digging would have found the same for England):”4 .2.3 Regulation 103 of The Road Vehicles (Construction & Use) Regulations 1986 states: ‘ No person in charge of a motor vehicle or trailer shall cause or permit the vehicle to stand on a road so as to cause any unnecessary obstruction of the road. ’ 4 .2.4 In the presence of the driver / keeper of the vehicle a police officer may request the vehicle to be moved and the matter should be dealt with by the issue of a non – endorsable Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty (COFPN) or submission of a Standard Prosecution Report (SPR). 4 . 2.5 Section 22 Road Traffic Act 1988 creates an offence: ‘If a person in charge of a vehicle causes or permits the vehicle or a trailer drawn by it to remain at rest on a road in such a position or in such condition or in such circumstances as to involve a danger of i njury to other persons using the road , he is guilty of an offence ’ . 4 .2.6 In the absence of the driver or keeper of the vehicle consideration should be made to have the vehicle removed should it be deemed necessary. 4 .2.7 Section 99 Road Traffic Regulat ion Act 1984 permits police officers to remove a vehicle where it is causing an obstruction or is in a position likely to cause danger. The Seizure of Vehicles SOP contains further information on the removal of vehicles.

      • So pleased to see this David. Someone (will not say who) had a big argument with me and my husband last year re parking on pavements and we believed her! Let’s hope a councillor and a police officer at least sees this post and checks the pick up school run for Ravenscote.

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens when somebody inadvertently turns their steering wheel the wrong way and gets wedged there…

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