Bradley Court – constant change

From time to time, we feature here the former Siemens office building in Knoll Road.  We’ve monitored its conversion to flats – now called Bradley Court – we’ve shown the rather silly emergency exit sign just inside the front door that points INTO the building.  We’ve commented on the plans to add to the building, and, recently, on the parking spaces behind the building that are being offered for rent.  But, here we go again….

A planning application was submitted just before Christmas to build flats on some of the parking spaces that we’ve just mentioned.  This is what the flats would look like from Knoll Walk.


Now, long-term readers will know that for thirty plus years the borough council has been proposing to create a service road along the back of the shops in the High Street.  The High Street could then be pedestrianised (‘the pedestrian environment could be enhanced’) without interferring with deliveries to the shops.  However, it’s not clear to us whether a new block of flats would obstruct a service road.  The planning application says that vehicle and pedestrian access would be altered, a new public road created, and changes made to rights of way.  But we cannot find any more-detailed information.

Accordingly, we have formally objected to the planning application on the grounds that it might interfere with the council’s declared intention to create a service road.  We suspect that the council – off the record – would admit that it isn’t committed to the idea of a service road, but maybe we can get the position clarified more openly.



4 thoughts on “Bradley Court – constant change

  1. David,

    Happy New Year.

    Well done with this objection …. I do hope it clarifies the intent of the Council for a very large number of reasons.

    Ian McLaughlin

  2. This is small fry if you read the Get Surrey article the Council have spent / borrowed £15.25 million to buy Albany Park to invest in Surrey Heath we are now all ok ……….

    • Whether or not it’s small fry isn’t really the main issue. Of more relevance to me is that the council has been promising to do something for thirty years, has never withdrawn that promise, but has failed to carry it out – or even make much progress towards carrying it out. With that track record, plus other failures to deliver promises, what is the likelihood that acquisitions like Albany Park – or the Mall, or…. – will be managed efficiently?

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