A simple question – Why does the county council make life difficult?

For years we’ve been puzzled by this sign in Southwell Park Road.  You see it as you approach Pembroke Broadway; it tells pedestrians to cross the road in order to get to the Mall.



But the Mall is the same side of the road as the sign, so why should people be sent to the other side?  What’s more, if they do as the sign says, they’ve got to walk to the next crossing in Pembroke Broadway – which is past the Mall – before they can get back to the Mall side of the road.  Also, anyone following the sign has to cross Park Street on the south side of the roundabout a little further ahead.  That’s a difficult place to cross;  it’s much easier and safer to ignore the sign completely and cross Park Street on the north side of the roundabout.

Sometimes, we feel that our ‘superiors’ – council officers – haven’t got a clue.  Either that, or they don’t care.  Or both.  Almost certainly they don’t walk around the town with any real interest in improving it.


13 thoughts on “A simple question – Why does the county council make life difficult?

  1. If they do hold a referendum, and we do vote for a 20% increase in council tax, do you think they might spend some of the money to turn the sign 90 degrees anti-clockwise?

    • It’s NOT the same council, of course, Dominic. The signage is presumably the responsibility of the county council; the Mall is now owned by the borough council. We’re assured that the Mall isn’t going to cost the residents anything; but either the borough council has a printing press in the basement to churn out fifty-pound notes galore, or I suspect that any loss will find its way back to the tax-payer. I doubt that the council officers will cover it out of their pay packets.

  2. And now awaiting SHBC report on Camberley on Ice-who paid for this and what profit did it make?Have been searching local newspapers papers and online announcements as positive news is always good to hear ….but no mention at all.

  3. How about someone organising a good walk for those interested , covering the town centre with a local historian of course , and also someone from the MOD, and then the findings being handed in to the head of SHBC with a copy being posted to the Camberley News ..Walking around Camberley is the best way to see how much the town and A30 frontage is in dire need of improvement and indeed how many sites are empty, boarded up, or have just come to a complete standstill.

    • Shirley, I suspect that the borough council is well aware of the state of the A30 frontage. Nearly twenty years ago it was saying in print that complete redevelopment might be the best solution. More recently, for example, the council’s 2014-2015 had regeneration of the A30 frontage and the town centre as a ‘key priority 1’. Years ago, I walked around the town with a council planner, looking at the various easy options for improvement too. The problem is that the council proceeds at a snail’s pace – if it proceeds at all.

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