“Our aim is to make Camberley a destination of choice for shoppers”

The title of this item is a direct quote from the borough council.  We remembered it yesterday afternoon, when we watched shoppers queuing to pay to leave.  We wondered how many of them felt that Camberley was a destination of choice.



16 thoughts on ““Our aim is to make Camberley a destination of choice for shoppers”

  1. Never quite understood why people don’t use the machines on other floors there are no queues & most of the people seen in the photo are not parked on the Ground floor anyway.

  2. There is a queue – the queue of despair – every time I go to The Mall. If it wasn’t within walking distance, I’d never shop in the town, though the Atrium car park is much more user friendly. Maybe if the message above was prominently displayed?

    • It’s hardly an encouragement to shop in the town. Nor are the decrepit stairs – the ones which, according to an e-mail that I received from the council – were going to be repaired last summer…

  3. Simple solution – scrap the hugely loss-making Theatre & sell the Mayoral Regalia – that would fund free parking and make it a level playing field with the Supermarkets down the road !

    • I don’t know about scrapping the Mayor’s regalia. Camberley doesn’t have much ‘soul’, and a bit of tradition that isn’t boiled down to cost-effectiveness is worth quite a lot. But the theatre has been a notorious financial black hole for years and years. The council has stated its target is to cut the loss considerably; I’m not sure that it’s anywhere near achieving the target, tho’.

      • Last time I looked at the accounts, a ‘bit of Tradition’ was shown booked as approaching £100K – but I’d have to check to be sure ….. also the 2014/15 Theatre loss was running at around £700K I believe …

        By all means have some pomp & ceremony, but in these austere times with a huge CT increase mooted, a bit of Paste jewellry & mock garnets would look just as good ….

  4. On the rare days when I brave the town centre these days (on foot), you always have to push through the queues for the car park machines. It just seems so pointless and you can understand why people park up to 15 minutes away and walk in.

    • Or, of course, Paul, not come to Camberley at all. Financially, waiting to pay a few minutes doesn’t justify driving somewhere else, but I’ve learned that parking isn’t a simple financial issue. If people are annoyed, they’ll go elsewhere even if it costs them more.

  5. So, sell off the theatre to developers for more flats and then use the revenues from the sale plus the “saved” monies from the theatre’s losses to have free parking- will absolutely revive the town and of course no queues ( The theatre only makes a loss because not enough council tax payers want it , so time to get real?)
    Free Parking – Shoppers will come more often and stay longer , shops will do better ,quality of shops will improve and the town could thrive again,
    Sometimes the obvious has to be pointed out to those who do not need to meet P. and L. Targets.
    As Karen Whelan said at a recent meeting ” we do not need to make a profit out of The Mall”- so does that mean we could have The Mall and the Theatre both making losses….I am joking but why do I fear it may happen???

    • I’m amazed by your quote from the CEO. I suppose it depends how she defines ‘profit’, but there’d have to be an overwhelming reason for running it at a loss. Possibly in order to carry out major changes – in the interests of the borough – that C&R were unwilling to make? Not that that seems very likely…

  6. Free parking’s a great idea – just make it from, say 9.30 am, to stop people parking all day to travel to London. Shoppers wouldn’t get a look in otherwise.

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