For goodness sake, borough council. Switch them off!

Back in April, we showed a photo of worn-out fluorescent tubes glowing during the day in the council-owned Ashwood House car park.  We made the point that the long-suffering tax payer had to foot the bill for the wasted electricity.  What’s more, the tubes had been like that for ages before we mentioned them.

The lamps are STILL glowing.  p1070808bThe lights are obvious enough, and we guess that it would only take a flick of a switch to turn them off.  So why hasn’t it been done?  Does the council have any excuse?  It must be busy trying to sort out the future of the building, so surely council staff visit the place from time to time.  What’s more, there’s the old saying ‘Look after the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves’.  Here the council is failing to look after the pennies, so how on earth can we trust it to look after the hundred million pounds plus that it’s borrowed this year?



12 thoughts on “For goodness sake, borough council. Switch them off!

  1. Councillors waste our tax payers money because it’s not their personal money so it won’t affect them. Shame all the dodgy councillors can’t be sacked n replaced by normal money saving people.

  2. I wonder when they are going to remove the poppies which have been on lampposts round the borough since before Remembrance Day. When they take the Christmas lights down? Or is that a different department?

    • From memory, Fiona, I think the council intention is to remove the poppies in February. By which time residents probably don’t notice them, and visitors think the council is incompetent. The true purpose of the poppies must be way past its sell-by date by then.

  3. Funnily enough, a fair number of us have been discussing how they will look after the millions that they have borrowed recently!?

  4. ……and they are turning the street lights off from mid night to 5 am when they are needed. Your comment just serves to show that the council are not stewarding OUR money at all well

  5. I passed on a copy of this to my local councillor and he has passed it on to the appropriate person. I hope this gets sorted quickly.

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