Temporary road layout to be made permanent?

We suspect that the temporary changes to the road layout at the junction of Charles Street and Southwell Park Road might become permanent.  (These changes were made to cope with ice rink traffic.)  Is that why a traffic survey is underway by the junction?

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7 thoughts on “Temporary road layout to be made permanent?

  1. It should be a roundabout not a no right turn – I follows streams of traffic that comes down the road in the morning that all has to turn left and then go up to the round about and back down again which is ridiculous – or some do three point turns in the road or use side roads for turning which is in effect the same as turning right on the road just a bit further up and far more dangerous and disruptive.

    • You’re absolutely right, Mark. While the Atrium was still in the design phase, local residents argued that the junction should be a roundabout. But that would have taken more land (I don’t think there’s room for one to be retrofitted), so, if I remember correctly, the developer opposed the idea. The county council – bless it! – agreed with the developer. Which is why we have the nonsense of a junction that we have today.

      • Today 3 Jan. I was driving on Southwell Park Road from the Park Street roundabout when I could see I was going to have to stop. A large white van was coming straight towards me in my lane at speed with no intenion of pulling off into Firwood Drive.
        Clearly the new road system DIDNOT apply to his diving needs and so my good brakes prevented us colliding. Have the Council bothered to have cameras so that such incidents, which is not the first one, been observed. I was unfortunately too surprised to remember his number.

      • It’s frustrating, to say the least, Terry. The surprising thing is that – according to something I read recently – ‘white van man’ doesn’t have a particularly bad accident record. More than surprising, actually.

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