The barriers are going up – and down – and up?

Padlocked posts have been installed at both entrances/exits to the Cambridge Night Club car park.  We’ve wondered who parks by the night club during the day, because we’ve often seen vehicles in there.  But not any longer, presumably.


On the other hand, we’re pretty sure that there used to be a (non-functioning?) barrier at the entrance to St George’s Court car park.  But it’s gone.  Though it looks like a replacement is on its way, with a red/green light to make the point.


The third in our barrier trio is this one in Main Square car park.  The barrier was pretty much wiped out by an over-enthusiastic driver a few weeks ago, but we have to say that the council has repaired it pretty promptly.



8 thoughts on “The barriers are going up – and down – and up?

  1. Ah now as to who the daytime parkers are, at a guess I would say it was workers at the nearby council offices. Whenever the barriers break down at the St George;s Court carpark they used to appear in there like a nasty rash. We know it was them because one of them in a mini, if I recall, parked so atrociously she managed to block the entrance. The police were called and they went and collected the owner from their place of work. Yes, the council offices.

  2. Think you will find some of the shop owners opposite Cambridge used to use it now seem to be able to park outside their premises which are ignored by Parking Wardens!

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