Borough council confusion?

The council has just issued its latest ‘eHeathscene’ e-mail.  We were impressed by the far-sighted date in its header.  Sadly, we were less impressed by the link in the e-mail to – well, we  guess that it’s something to do with the ice rink in the recreation ground – because it doesn’t work!


To misquote Oscar Wilde, “To make one mistake may be regarded as a misfortune; to make two looks like carelessness.” 

Update.  We’ve dug into the email and concluded that the link should take readers to the Camberley on Ice website.  If you’re on the mailing list for eHeathscene and have had similar problems, just click on instead.  (And, yes, we’ve checked OUR link, and it works!!)


4 thoughts on “Borough council confusion?

    • The point that I make is that if the council can’t get the trivial things (which don’t much matter in themselves) right, what chance is there of the council handling difficult things – like regeneration – successfully?

      • Your right, I was saying Quality is not a word in their vocabulary I would be very interested in seeing there Internal Audit programme on how they measure up highlighting the very basic errors in eheathscene indicates an endemic failure of check & balances by Management

      • Well, the council does produce an annual plan, and it carries out a performance review a year later. But it has been known for goalposts to be changed between the two – without any apparent comment. And missed KEY targets at the end of one year aren’t always carried over to the next. And sometimes the ‘measurable’ is amazingly vague – eg “Land East of Knoll Road. [End Date]: Mar-2013” Or, the claimed achievement has nothing to do with the target. Eg “Delivering a viable and sustainable redevelopment of the A30 frontage [by March 2016]” was said to be on track because “A scheme for the refurbishment of the Mall to be agreed with the Council” It would be laughable except we pay the bill.

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