There is no Y

With apologies to fans of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, the title of this item refers to something much more mundane…

p1140094bWe can’t take any credit for this observation;  it was pointed out to us.  (Feel free to tell the Eye if you see anything that might interest other readers.  Only in the best of taste, of course!)


4 thoughts on “There is no Y

  1. Sure you will be reporting it at some point notice that Surrey Heath Borough Council have purchased the Freehold of the NatWest & House of Fraser site for £17.6m wonder whether they will stay in time!

    • Too late; it was in the post of 3rd Dec, Paul. The thing is, there’s not a lot of public interest in the council’s acquisitions – and what there is tends to say that the money should be spent on providing affordable homes, or filling in pot-holes, neither or which can be done with a loan of this sort. So I haven’t made a big issue of the latest purchase. (I could express views on the council’s ability to manage major projects, but that’s another story…)

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