Another new tenant on the A30 service road

We were passing by the former hi-fi shop on the A30 service road the other day, when we spotted this licence application.  It’s for ‘The Cabin’.  The shop has been empty for – we guess – getting on for a couple of years.  The application is for permission to sell alcohol and to provide live music inside and outside the premises during the afternoon and evening.


A quirk of the legal requirements is that the notice that we’re showing has to be on blue paper, but we’re not sure that this requirement has actually been met.  Also, the application confuses the Camberley Club, which is next to the premises, with the Camberley Working Men’s Club, which is in Obelisk Way, of course.  But we’re not particularly fussed by the errors.


We GUESS that the new occupant will be granted a lease for at least one year.  Which suggests that no significant regeneration will take place at that part of the London Road frontage until 2018 – at the earliest.



8 thoughts on “Another new tenant on the A30 service road

  1. Ive been aware of this for a while, its an interesting concept, and I hope that its more of a cosy coffeeshop with good cakes and pastries, and alcohol in the evening, rather than a down market drinking establishment.

    Here is a website:

  2. Another new tenant although the Eye appears not to stray to far but has posted previously about the congestion/ traffic delays outside Waitrose in Bagshot is a COSTA drive thro being constructed in the Old Bird in Hand Pub what will this do to the traffic situation.

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