Yet more flats in town….

A planning application has been submitted (actually, it was submitted a little while ago….) regarding the building occupied by Bayfields.


Specifically, the application is for the: “Erection of first/second floor rear extension and conversion of first and second floor to provide 3 No. one bedroom flats with external stair access and roof terrace.”

It’s not altogether a bad thing that we’re getting more flats in the town.  The presence of people living nearby is said to reduce rowdy late-night behaviour.


10 thoughts on “Yet more flats in town….

  1. What a spectacular view from the Roof Terrace not sure of the logic that people living by helps reduce noise,many of the shops already have people living above and …………..

    • The roof terrace might give a good view of lorries delivering to McDonalds?? But the logic that people living nearby reduces rowdy behaviour (not noise, as such) is that mischief makers tend to not to make mischief if there are plenty of people around. It’s easier to misbehave if you don’t feel you might be watched. It’s not black and white, of course, but that’s the general idea.

  2. Town Centre Living does need special and extra investment in the local infrastructure to support growth in residents. SHBC have/and continue to promote the conversion of our Town into a dormitory without proper consideration, planning control or [people] investment.

    Camberley Town Centre population has increased by >1000 heads without positive infrastructure change, furthermore these new citizens need real representation. SHBC and SCC do not care about CTC resident welfare.. they and the ‘Town’ Cllrs have lost focus [on their constituents]

    Night time and early morning Anti-social behaviour should not be tolerated.
    Camberley Bedlam continues..

  3. I do not know how to get in touch with Camberley Eye, but on another subject about Camberley. Have you seen the information I picked up in the Post Office, that there is a proposal to close the office and open one in the back of WHSmith in March.

    • Oh yes, Caroline, it’s been debated elsewhere on Facebook already. There’s concern about access in WHSmith, and about whether there’s room for the lengthy queues that sometimes arise. I suspect that the first of these is a bit academic; the interior layout of Smith is easily alterned. And the lengthy queues are probably due more to the lack of counter staff than to the shape/size of the building. Of course, the Post Office has already moved into WHSmith in many towns. It happened in Cheltenham – which I know fairly well – quite a while ago. I have no inside information, but I imagine it’ll happen here as well. (And, maybe we should be grateful that the Post Office isn’t going to close entirely….)

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