No prizes this time

No prizes for working out where this ‘snow window’ is.  If you don’t recognise it immediately, just look more closely.  All will be revealed.  We do like it – it’s so clever as well as attractive…



6 thoughts on “No prizes this time

  1. Another Shop that is being worked in is the old Annis barber Shop & surprise surprise it’s going to be another Barber Shop so In Camberley now, you can choose where to have your Haircut,buy clothes in the endless Charity shops,before you dine in one of the many restaurants top 100 town status!

    • I’ve written an item about that shop, Chris – but it’s about the fact that I didn’t know what it was going to become. I’ll have to change it before I publish it! But your comment is an accurate reflection on the evolution of many towns; traditional retail is declining, and the ‘only’ reason for visiting a town will be to obtain services that you can’t buy through the internet. Tatoos, haircuts, pubs, clubs and restaurants. (I simplify, of course, but that’s going to be the general direction.)

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