Not the ice rink

As regular readers will know, the Eye doesn’t show photos of major events in the town.  There are plenty of better photographers, with better cameras, who do that.  So, though we attended the formal opening of the ice rink in the recreation ground yesterday evening, we’re showing something a bit different – though related.  Our photo is of the ‘water-filled barriers’ directing vehicles at the junction of Southwell Park Road and Charles Street.  These have been installed to manage the extra traffic caused by people visiting the ice rink.


The good news is that, according to one local resident, the scheme is working well, rather to their surprise.  We hope that this remains the case on a busy Saturday afternoon, when drivers queue to enter the Atrium car park.  Fingers crossed!


15 thoughts on “Not the ice rink

    • Eastbound on SPR, then north up Charles St past the Atrium, ‘U’ turn round the roundabout just before the entrance to the Atrium car park, south back down Charles St and left along the remainder of SPR.

  1. I am in favour of this traffic diversion method BUT have a look at the “rear” of the ice rink in Southwell Park road. I am not a resident there, but the contractors have left an eyesore for the locals to look at. What a mess!

  2. We walked from the town, across Charles Street, to visit the ice rink last night and carried on up Southwell Park Road – there is no entrance to it from there so we had to walk back to Grand Avenue. It would have been nice to have a sign pointing to it down Grand Avenue for those visitors coming from the Knoll Road and Main Square car parks.

  3. Went for a walk along Southwell Park Road this afternoon. For all the moaners and groaners there was not a traffic problem in fact the traffic was flowing better than a normal Saturday afternoon. The music could only be heard when up close to the rink so for the individual who moaned about the db rating – no problem at all. I do hope that the event is a great success

    • Traffic not so bad so far but could be because folk avoiding the area, many i have spoken to say they will shop elsewhere at the weekends, and the music can be heard in my lounge right now. Seems to be getter louder as the days progress.

      • The ice rink, and especially the market, seem rather ‘subdued’ so far, Julie. Which could explain why the traffic is ok. Though the general opinion seems to be that the diversion is working well. It’s a pity, of course, about the music. I hope it doesn’t get even worse.

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