Spot Santa on his rounds!

CAMBERLEY EX ROUND TABLE AND 41 CLUB has sent us the following item of seasonal news….


Santa’s Christmas Float will be touring the streets of Camberley and Frimley on the nights of 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th of December. It will start its journeys at 6.00pm and finish at 8.00pm. Every effort is made to keep to our timetable, but sometimes bad weather or difficult traffic can hamper our progress and our schedule cannot be kept. Wherever possible we will put an alert on our Camberley 41 Club Facebook page, or our website if we are experiencing problems.

Between the 16th and 23rd of December, Santa will be spending all day between 9.00am and 6.00pm at several local supermarkets.


Saturday 17 – LONGACRES
Friday 23 – THE MEADOWS



Tuesday 6th December – Frimley – Starting at Burleigh Road and then Sheridan Road, Lendore Rd, Trafford Road,Sheridan Road, Coombe Close, Shamrock Close, Frimley Green Road, Ansell Road, Middlemoor Rd, Purley Way, Barnes Rd, Ansell Rd, Bret Harte Rd, Frimley Grove Gardens.

Wednesday 7th December – Camberley/Frimley – Starting at the corner of the Portsmouth Road and Le Marchant Rd, the routes progresses past Wilmot Way and Tichborne Close to Longmeadow, Old Pasture Road, Mulgrave Road, Hawthorn Rd, Warren Rise, Broadwalk, Holly Hedge, Bicknell Rd, and Farm Rd.

Thursday 8th December – Frimley Road – Starting from the top of Frimley Rd at the Sullivan Av car park, the route progresses along Woodlands Rd, Frimley Road, Moorlands Rd, Oakley Rd, Brook Rd, Sinhurst Rd, Queen’s Rd, Moorlands Rd, Surrey Avenue, Stanhope Rd, Queen Mary Av, Doman Rd, Alexandra Av, to Edwards Av.

Saturday 10th December – Heatherside – Starting at the corner of the Upper Chobham Road and Cumberland Av, the route progresses along Norton Rd, Inglewood Av, Eskdale Way, Dansmere Close, Greenholme, Bramcote, Wensleydale, Cherrydale, Ravenstone Rd, back to Cumberland Rd and Buttermere Drive.

 No doubt Santa will be rattling a collecting tin for donations.  Help him to fill it!


4 thoughts on “Spot Santa on his rounds!

  1. I am sorry but thats a little silly, they are missing off the core part of Camberley. Nothing in the Old Dean. Nothing in Diamond Ridge area. Nothing near the Town (Gordon road etc).

    A wasted opportunity for some Christmas cheer. Who on earth organised made such a blunder?

    • Hi.. Sorry you are disappointed with the area we are able to cover with our Christmas Float. There are 3 main reasons why we cannot cover your area. The first is because Surrey Heath will only issue us with a limited number of licenses for Door to Door collections and so we cannot cover a wider area. The second reason is that all the people who help with our float are more than 70 years old, and cannot manage many more nights out on the streets. The third reason is that last time we came to the Old Dean we had bottles thrown at us and an air-rifle taking pot shots at Santa. Consequently our Old Boys are reluctant to put the area back on our rota. Sorry to have to report this to you. We decided just to move on and let it be.

      • Mike, sorry if I came across a little harsh. I understand the Old Dean being left out, but surely not Diamond Ridge and the Town?

        Its such a wonderful idea, its a shame that most of Camberley will miss out.

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