Fort Apache – the Bronx?

A steel security door has been fitted next to the former hi-fi shop on the A30 service road.  It looks a bit like the doors that have been fitted to the council-owned Ashwood House – we guess that there’s a connection.  The obvious question is: ‘How long is this less-than-beautiful frontage going to be there?’



4 thoughts on “Fort Apache – the Bronx?

    • Thanks, Anne. I didn’t know about the leaflet, but the proposed move to WH Smith has been discussed on FB. Views vary. On the one hand, there are lots of towns where this has taken place. On the other, there’s concern that Smiths is too small for the long queues that sometimes build up in the PO. (I guess that the queues are due as much to the shortage of staff as anything; they’re not inevitable otherwise.) My guess is that the move will happen; there’s not a lot to stop it if the post office and Smiths want to do it. And maybe it would be good for disabled drivers who – at quieter times – could probably park closer to Smiths than they can to the PO.

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