To boldly go…. to Windlesham

Not long ago, straying far from our home ground, we published a planning application for the empty premises adjacent to Waitrose in Bagshot.  One of the comments we received was that it would be a good place to put a garden centre!

Well….  That gives us the courage to go even further afield.  Rather than a new garden centre, the opposite is likely to happen along the A30.  An application to demolish and redevelop the Windlesham Garden Centre has been submitted.  It is an “outline application for the erection of 15 dwellings (comprising 9 market houses, four 2 bed affordable flats and two 3 bed affordable houses) and associated parking, access improvements (including re-provision of parking to serve Homestead Cottages) garages, landscaping and cycle storage, following demolition of existing garden centre buildings.”


Of course, the Camberley Eye doesn’t have any photos of Windlesham.  So we’ve copied one from Google, showing the garden centre.  The photo seems to be a few years old, as the sign at the entrance just bears the name ‘Wyevale’.  Doesn’t it now also say ‘Windlesham Garden Centre’? Maybe not for all that much longer, of course….

Tomorrow, we’ll leave these far-away places, and return to Camberley….



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