Santa’s Grotto?

As other people have already commented, the windows of the empty BHS shop were cleaned the other day.  Nicely-wrapped parcels and decorations have since appeared behind them.  We guess – and it really is just a guess – that maybe the shop is being turned into Santa’s grotto.  (Sadly, it certainly isn’t being turned into a John Lewis!  Even a Christmas wish probably won’t make that happen.)


(Apologies for the confusing reflections on the glass.  Please ignore them.)


2 thoughts on “Santa’s Grotto?

  1. Yes, I spotted that too. A pat on the back to whoever had the idea; it can’t have cost much and makes a big difference to the “street scene” (for want of a better expression).

    • Absolutely. It doesn’t cost much to make a difference. But I get the impression that most shops don’t make much of an effort as far as Christmas window displays are concerned – with some definite exceptions.

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