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It’s widely known that KFC in Camberley’s High Street closed a few days ago.  Yesterday we took a photo of it – windows blacked out, and the name over the shop completely removed.  Indeed, no mention of KFC whatsoever, as far as we could see.  However, for some reason our camera misbehaved, and the photo is too blurred to use.  So, instead, we’re showing a reminder of what’s no longer there!  (KFC was a little bit further down the road than the scaffolding that you can see on the right-hand side.)


And, while we’re talking about shops, Camberley Observed passed the following information on to us. (Memco is ‘Authenticated Memorabilia’)  At long last the Premier Inn seems to be filling its vacant premises.  Good news indeed.



4 thoughts on “Shopping news

  1. I understand The Mall/SHBC are holding a meeting to reveal their plans. It seems to be on 22nd but do not know where or what time! Meeting re ice rink tonight at 7.00 at the Theatre Anne G

  2. do you know why it was closed down- there seemed to be no warning and like subway it seemed like it was always busy. Does camberley want all the fast food outlets out of the town?

    • Rachel, I’m sure it’s not the result of a council policy to get rid of the fast food outlets. After all, it’s not that long ago that the Bar-B-Q pit moved to the High Street from the London Road. And it looks like another could be opening in the former Stacks shop before too long. And I’m told that a take-away will be opening in the former Mr Souper shop at the top of the High Street. But there’s lots of competition, and lots of restaurants, so it’s hard to make a decent profit.

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