Humorous graffiti

We’re not sure they’re ‘legal’, and we suspect that we ought to disapprove, but on a grey day we rather liked the various messages spray-painted on the pavement outside the Duke of York.  ‘Tummy Rumbling…’ and ‘So Close…’ are just two of them.

p1070683b p1070682b


11 thoughts on “Humorous graffiti

  1. I spotted them on Saturday. Yes they are humorous, but another item to be scrubbed off the paving. Imagine if every business used this medium for publicity

  2. You would have to be starving to head in there, I wonder what could be sprayed opposite the Council Offices ….. Answers on a Postcard

  3. Maybe everybody is going to start using this medium to get their message across and the pavements will soon be covered in pithy 140-character graffiti. “Breakfast means Burgers”, that sort of thing. I’m sure the council enforcement officers have already been into the Duck of York to enforce whichever regulation has been breached, after all it’s not far from Surrey Heath Towers…

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