A timely moment

Traditionally, at this time of year – and in the spring – the Eye points out that the council has failed to adjust the clock on the outside of Main Square car park (which it owns, of course) for the beginning or end of summer time.  In the past, the council has told us that it doesn’t own the clock, and that it’s beyond repair, but we’ve persisted, submitted a Freedom of Information Request, and eventually the clock has been put right.  However, the tradition has been broken this year;  the council very promptly put the clock back an hour at the end of summer time last weekend.  Full marks to it!



12 thoughts on “A timely moment

      • Well reading the Camberley News the Council have bought the Mall surely we are moving in the right direction albeit at Snails pace ……

      • Well, acquiring ‘the Mall proper’ is neither here nor there as far as regeneration is concerned. It’s ‘just’ a change of ownership, and Capital and Regional didn’t neglect its property so there’s no reason to think that it’s very much a change for the better. (Indeed, the ‘revamp’ of the Mall seems to have been put on hold lately – there’s not much evidence or recent work – so you could argue that the purchase has resulted in a – temporary? – setback. What matters more is that it’s one fewer owner of the grotty London Road Block, so redevelopment should be a little less complicated. Also, there’s a ‘spare’ £25 million in the announcement, over and above purchasing the Mall. I guess this could be destined to start work on the LRB. It’s not enough to DO the work, but it’s seedcorn, perhaps. In that respect, yes, we’re definitely moving in the right direction. But, like any vector, we need magnitude as well as direction. The Atrium wasn’t a happy experience in that respect, so optimism has to be tinged with caution.

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