Top floor of the car park – “unforeseen technical problems”

We’ve mentioned the lack of progress in resurfacing the top floor of the car park before.  The council has now stated that this is due to “unforeseen technical problems”.  We don’t know who’s paying the bill, but the the resulting cost must be significant.  We’ve previously shown photos of the materials and equipment in place ready to do the work;  it’s now all been removed.  Just one large repair seems to have been made.

p1070651b p1070655b

“Technical problems” could mean almost anything.  But the council announced that it was going to carry out maintenance on the top floor over a year ago, so surely there’s been time to survey the work needed before now.  What’s more some of the deterioration looks quite serious;  rather more than simple re-surfacing could be required.  Perhaps the damage should have been attended to more promptly?


2 thoughts on “Top floor of the car park – “unforeseen technical problems”

  1. “Unforeseen Technical Problems” or just inadequate levels of initial surveying another well executed demonstration of Council oversight.

    • I’m reserving judgement for the moment. If the car park has suffered sigificant damage while being in the council’s stewardship the council will be guilty of more than just poor surveying. But that’s jumping the gun, until more details are available.

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