High Street Pedestrianisation

On a Saturday afternoon some years ago, the Eye stood on a corner of the High Street with representatives from a number of organisations with an interest in the town.  We asked shoppers whether they would prefer the road to be traffic-free.  A substantial majority of those questioned said that they did.

Rummaging in our loft very recently in an early attempt to find some Christmas decorations, we came across a letter written – not by us – over thirty years ago on the same subject.  It was addressed to a local councillor.  Here is part of what it said:


So, thirty years ago there was “overwhelming” support for Saturdays-only pedestrianisation, which had been discontinued some time before then.

We’re staggered to read that a service road behind the shops on the east of the road – needed for shop deliveries when the High Street is closed – was apparently “so near to a solution”.  It doesn’t seem near to a solution even now, three decades later.  (From the reference to Pembroke Broadway, this might not actually surprise the letter’s author* however.)    SHBC’s reverse Midas Touch in action yet again?

*Footnote.  Sadly, the author died some years ago.  At a meeting this summer, we asked the council whether we would be dead before the promised improvements to the town had been carried out.  Maybe there’s a precedent.


2 thoughts on “High Street Pedestrianisation

    • It’s interesting to note that a reasonably up-market photographic shop, that was anti pedestrianisation, has closed and been replaced by a ‘budget’ shop. I’ve nothing against budget shops, but the trend isn’t very encouraging. However, after a decade of neglect – and no prospect of any improvement for years – the town can’t expect anything else.

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