Jam today, jam yesterday and – almost certainly – jam tomorrow

Maybe we’ve just been looking in the wrong places, but there doesn’t seem to have been much said about the roadworks by the junction with Park Street and Pembroke Broadway.  These have caused long delays and much frustration in the town.

These photos were taken mid-morning yesterday;  the queue in Pembroke Broadway was quite long even though the ‘rush hour’ was well and truly over.

p1070638b p1070636bWe think the roadworks are something to do with the water supply.  But we’ve not heard whether they’re routine maintenance or emergency work.



6 thoughts on “Jam today, jam yesterday and – almost certainly – jam tomorrow

  1. I was unaware of this until yesterday afternoon, when driving from Park Road into Park Street. As I drove under the railway bridge towards the roundabout, I came across a stationary bus and so I pulled out to overtake. As soon as I did so, I realised that the bus was concealing a whole line of traffic, and suddenly a stream of traffic headed in my direction. Fortunately a kindly driver let me squeeze back into the line.
    Coming from Park Road there had been no warning that there were road works and that a single lane system was in operation.

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