The dream – and the reality.

Here are a few quotes from the borough council.  They set out the council’s aspirations for Camberley’s ‘public realm’ – in other words, our streets.

“The High Street should have a distinct character, defined by the use of high quality materials.”

[The intention is to] “Develop a high quality, restrained and durable materials palette to ensure the longevity and attractiveness of the town.”

“Irrespective of the material used, a high quality of workmanship is essential for the quality of finish and the longevity of the landscape. The aim is to create a cohesive, coordinated palette of hard landscape materials”

“The use of high quality materials in a clutter free environment helps to create a legible public realm.”

 “[We plan ] high quality paving to pavements” and a “Simple coordinated paving palette”

And here are two photographs:

p1070581b p1070575b

Who’s kidding whom??  Come on council, stop dreaming, and just DO IT!


18 thoughts on “The dream – and the reality.

    • It’s a fantasy world. I suspect the council sees no link between its plans and what it actually will do. It’s a well-known syndrome – the misplaced objective. The job is done when the glossy document is printed. There’s no further council interest in it.

  1. What I don’t understand is that the bricks or pavers have to be removed to do the work. Rather than pay to dispose of them and then pay to lay tarmac…why don’t they just put the original materials back? It would look better and save money, it’s a no brainer!

    • Oh, but it’s easier to manage if there’s no link between the digging and the reinstatement. But if the council – county council in this case, I think – took its job more seriously and only paid the bill when the contractors have completed the job SATISFACTORILY, I reckon the situation would improve virtually over night.

  2. When it comes to a choice between the Executives high salaries and pensions and the High Street pavements, guess which wins!

    • It must be lack of accountability ‘at the top’. If bonuses and promotion were properly linked to performance, I’m sure that the situation would improve. Instead, there seems to be a smug self-congratulation that everything is good, and no-one, other than the Eye, pointing out that it isn’t.

  3. If picture 1 is of the pavement near the old Woolworths building, a close examination will show that the “concrete” (cement?) is breaking up. Who will repair it and who will pay?

      • Our Local Tax to be spent to improve our local roads and footpaths…

        Now that is is a new approach ! 🙂

        If you try to escalate the poor state of Camberley Town West and/or our High Street to SHBC or SCC ..

        They will either ignore or obfuscate for decades. Your local Tax money has been spent elsewhere.

        SHBC/SCC infrastructure responsibility is shared/split. This sadly generates a lack of ownership and avoidance plan.

      • Maybe it wouldn’t be a problem if both councils worked closely together. But I’m told that there’s little communication between them – though I hope that my informant is wrong. (I do seem to recall that the borough and county councils seemed to be saying different things about the future of the library.)

  4. They paved paradise and put up a parkin’ lot
    With a pink hotel, a boutique, and a swingin’ Theatre hot spot

    They charged like a rhino to use the parking lot
    and made us pay twice for the Theatre we got ..

    promised us sidewalks as good as Hollywood …
    adorned with plaques for the neighbourhood ..

    But the money ran out for repairing the sidewalk
    so when perambulating you gotta watch like a Hawk …


    you get the drift …..

  5. I’ve just come back to Camberley after a few days away. It always strikes me when I return from places where things have changed (and usually improved) that nothing really changes here at all, things just crumble away. Why do I live here, since I could live anywhere?

    • I know the feeling. I don’t like highlighting the problems, but how else is the council – actually, either council – going to be persuaded to get off its bottom and DO something?

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