Christmas ice rink; transformation has begun

The Christmas ice rink and other events in the London Road Recreation Ground need a more robust electricity supply.  So a new transformer is being installed in the recreation ground, near to the tennis courts.  Here are two photos, supplied  by Rachael, to whom many thanks.

recreation-ground-transformer2 recreation-ground-transformer1



4 thoughts on “Christmas ice rink; transformation has begun

  1. Guess the transformers will be a permanent fixture,won’t be long before the recreation ground or part of it will have a change of use and flats appear!

  2. Yes and with shocking contempt for residents and pedestrians, blocking the pavement and thereby forcing pedestrians into the road to mix with traffic or cross three roads to get by safely. Also asking for objections some 5 days after the work has begun. The parking restriction is for 10 days but only between 8am and 6pm and for the whole w/e whilst no work is being carried out. No wonder the cones were scattered with the tape flying free. The start of 10 years of this annual event!. What a shambles of a start. With planning and execution at this level we are in for a pretty thin time. This comment is made by one who did not object on the grounds that it would be good for the town, some hope on this evidence.

    • As I frequently point out, if the council doesn’t do anything about a sign that points towards the ‘Civic Hall’, even though it’s not been called that for over twenty five years, what hope is ther that the council can manage anything more challenging? (By the by, planning permission for the ice rink is for five rather than ten years. Oddly, the event’s been licensed for one year only. I wonder why the difference.)

      • So if there’s too much drunken revelry this year it won’t get renewed for the next year I suspect.

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