A ‘Spot the Difference’ competition

We’ve not posted a ‘spot the difference’ competition before. But there’s a first time for everything.  Here are two photos of the top floor of Main Square car park which were taken a couple of weeks or so apart – the second being taken yesterday.  In both cases, you can see preparations to resurface the concrete floor slab.  Whilst the exercise is underway, the top floor, and the ramp leading up to it, are out of commission, of course.p1070605bp1070559b We’re not offering any prizes for this ‘spot the difference’ competition, because we can see no differences!  (Nor can we see anyone working.)   Will everything be back to normal by Saturday?  Or will we have worse queues than usual?


6 thoughts on “A ‘Spot the Difference’ competition

  1. You’re wrong – a very diligent employee has removed all the moisture from the surface between your two visits. I imagine they aren’t in the photo because they’ve been given the rest of the wee off to recover…

    • Could be. But there are plenty of industrial coatings that can be applied in the wet, and having all that stock and equipment lying idle doesn’t sound good for business. So maybe there’s a different explanation.

  2. How about the contractor and council have fallen out over the original price of repairs and more work that has to be done and so have a stalemate,so no work going on and shoppers have to queue at weekends or go elsewhere?

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