Will the Eye die first?

Back in June, at a public meeting, the Eye asked the borough council whether the Eye would live long enough to see the proposed improvements to the town actually implemented.  Unsurprisingly, the question wasn’t really answered.  However, the odds are lengthening.  Below is an extract from a paper presented to the borough council last week.  (We think it should be headed ‘2016’ rather than ‘2017’, but that’s a detail.)  You can see that the completion date for the Key Priority “town transformational actions” (gobbledygook, surely!) is 2028.


We weren’t really expecting anything different.  This summer’s edition of Heathscene (the borough council’s magazine) has an update on the ‘top ten’ town centre projects being carried out “to ensure that Camberley meets the demands of businesses and residents…”.  So far, the upgrade of the theatre bar/cafe is the only improvement mentioned that can actually be seen.  The rest are yet to come.

What’s more, according to the Local Plan 2000: “The Borough Council will carry out or work with others to achieve schemes of environmental improvements in the following locations:…….High Street.”  That summer Heathscene article goes further: “we have applied for funding to improve the environment in the High Street”.  But if it takes sixteen years to ASK for the money, perhaps allowing another dozen years to do everything else is being a tad over-optimistic?


8 thoughts on “Will the Eye die first?

    • That’s amazing. When I looked at the entrance to the bowling alley only a few days ago, it still had a temporary sign above it. It had been like that for months – and might still be like that? Anyway, thanks for the update.

  1. Gym refurbishment and new shower rooms completed at the Arena Leisure Centre and the contract to run for another 3 years. At least that’s good news.

    • If you ignore the blighted top end of the High Street, Alan, there are actually very few empty shops in the road. Much less than the average town centre nationally. (But the top end is something else – not helped by council-enhanced planning blight.)

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