The patch has been patched

You may remember that we showed a photo of what we hope is a temporary repair in the pavement outside The Works in Park Street.


The tarmac seemed to be a terrible bodged job.  Even as a temporary ‘repair’ it looked inadequate.  So we’re not sure whether to laugh or cry to have discovered that the ‘repair’ has apparently been ‘repaired’.




10 thoughts on “The patch has been patched

  1. Don’t know why people are surprised this is the normal level of Council acceptable standards you have only to look at the numerous pointless signs that litter the pavements it’s why we have no chance in being in the top 100,000 towns ….. no typo

  2. It looks as if the patch and lots of the sets surrounding it are all slowly sinking. Is this where the stream used to run under the town centre?

    • That’s an interesting thought, Terry. The problem is, quite a few local residents say that they know where the various streams ran in the town. But I’ve never been able to form a clear picture. However, this isn’t the first ‘sinkage’ in Park Street in the last year or so, and I suspect it’s caused by something mundane.

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