On the level in Park Street

A couple of months ago we used the website ‘Fix my Street’ to report that the pavement outside The Works in Park Street was sinking.  We spotted the other day that a ‘repair’ has been carried out.  To be fair, we imagine that it’s a temporary repair;  indeed, it certainly won’t last long.



9 thoughts on “On the level in Park Street

  1. That’s a bodge not a repair! Looks like it was done by one of the cowboys who knock on your door saying ‘we’ve done a bit of tarmacking down the road guv, and have this bit left over’ Even I could have done a better job!!

  2. They must have had a job lot left over. A small mound has appeared at the Gordon Road junction too, and where a hole was patched overnight on Monday at the Heathcote Road/Upper Park Road roundabout, it actually looks like somebody put the tarmac over a cats eye (I’m not sure they have, but it looks like it!).

    • I’m firmly of the view that the culture of an organisation is set by the people at the top. Our local government seems pretty rotten at the moment. So few of those involved give the impression of CARING.

  3. Am afraid I want to scream…SHBC love eyesores. Have been battling with these ” people” re our drive for 9 months! Two councillors were on our side but have now retreated! Have no influence at all …..appalling!

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