…blow the bl**dy doors off

We were intrigued to see this chap working on a cable cabinet at the top of the High Street the other day.  Well, it wasn’t the chap himself – it was the red notice inside the cabinet that caught our attention.  The main text on the notice is easy to read, but we can’t quite make out what the rest says.  But it does seem to be ‘official’.  Can a friendly Virgin man/woman help us out?

p1070528c p1070528b


14 thoughts on “…blow the bl**dy doors off

  1. “The Italian Job” – a good way of attracting attention.
    The notice says if the doors or locks are damaged then call the number given quoting the reference written on the notice.

  2. Wow! Camberley Eye – you do get around! At the closing ceremony of the London Olympic Games it started with a car and that remark! (though not many people would have realised that!) Did I miss your update on the paint your own pottery shop just outside the entrance to the Mall – high street end?

    • Oh, it’s the never sleeping, never blinking, Eye. Which does mean that we posted a couple of items about Mrs Potts when the shop was about to, and had just, opened. You’ll have to stay behind after school, I’m afraid…

  3. A quick google reveals

    “So if the doors are open or the cabinet looks

      damaged, let us know and we’ll get it sorted.”

      ”Call our cabinet hotline: 0330 333 0444″

  4. Just had a reply from Virgin…had a nightmare here with no landline for 2 weeks as an engineer unplugged us! Mobile signal is useless! Got loads of compensation! The blxxdy doors off was apparently a joke / Was an advertising campaign instigated by Virgin if the doors were open! And they explained that it was to do with the Italian job…well all of us at a certain age know that! But not that funny!…….if you get unplugged!

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