We must apologise to our car park stairwell!

For some years we’ve said that the principle stairs serving Main Square car park are the worst car park ‘front’ stairs that we can remember.  But not any longer.  We reckon that the prize, by a short head, now goes to one of the car parks in Salisbury.  The stairs don’t look TOO bad, and the concrete steps aren’t as badly worn as ours, but with little in the way of natural daylight and being decidedly ‘biologically malodorous’, the Salisbury stairs don’t appeal at all.  Their main saving grace is that there are some decent-sized lifts next to them to use instead.


What’s more, parking doesn’t come cheap – see the photo below.  Camberley’s charges compare favourably.  (For heaven’s sake, don’t tell the borough council how much it costs to park overnight in Salisbury.  The council would increase Camberley’s charges immediately!)




4 thoughts on “We must apologise to our car park stairwell!

  1. Surely Salisbury has slightly more to offer than Camberley? Even the train journey takes no longer despite the town being 50 miles further from London…

    • Well, maybe, Paul. But Camberley must be climbing up the list of top 100 towns; the borough council promised us that. And, surely, based on minutes per pound, a slow journey is better value than a fast one??

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