Borough council reaching for the sky?

Our namesake – David – sent us a couple of photos with the comment “This is a flower bed owned by the Council, they have ignored repeated requests to deal with it from the residents of St Georges Court.  The location is the passageway between the High Street and Knoll Road.”  Almost certainly, David is referring to Bissingen Way – probably nearly opposite where the Hoover spares building used to be.  Here’s one of his photos (as is our standard practice, we’ve obscured his identity).



5 thoughts on “Borough council reaching for the sky?

  1. Thanks Davids,

    I have tried SHBC on many occasions … it may come under ‘Street Cleaning’ or ‘Highways’ which is SCC which is not local … and you try explaining this on the telephone. A picture tells a thousand words?

    Ian McLaughlin

  2. Why would anyone prefer to see a bare piece of soil rather than a magnificent stand of Goldenrod? What is wrong with bringing in some flowering plants in the town? I thought you were in favour of flowers in the town. I am all for increasing biodiversity and every small space is important.
    A late reply as I have been away.

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