Patched-up Park Street

Over two months ago we talked about the excavation to repair a water leak outside The Works in Park Street.  We wondered whether the replacement of stone setts by a tarmac patch was temporary or permanent.  It’s increasingly looking as if it’s permanent.


We reckon that residents paid for those setts – directly or indirectly.  So we also reckon that the setts should have been replaced.  On the other hand, if we were a utility company, we’d take the cheapest and easiest option if the council didn’t require us to do any better.


We’d contact our county councillors about this.  But our recent experience in that respect hasn’t been very encouraging.


6 thoughts on “Patched-up Park Street

    • Steve, I really do wonder what motivates some of our councillors. They show no obvious enthusiasm for the job; so why did they take it on (and why, in some cases, do they do it for year after year after year)?

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